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Allabor has a long story of helping charities, communities, and new entrepeneurs to get a foot on the web. Allabor will be donating a £5000 website to one charity, church, non-profit organization comunity or school club, or to a new small business on a yearly basis.




Custom Website

Next selection date / 25 August - 2015

The donated website comes with 24 pages, site map planning, responsive design, full content entry assistance, a content management system, and one year of free website hosting for non-profits.

The website will enable the awarded organization or business to deliver text, photo galleries, audio, and video as well as functionality for blogging, podcasting, calendars, and electronic donation collection, if required.

Selection Process

The only requirements are that the organization should be non-profit. We want to get involved with more than the organization's website. Small businesses or personal sites should have an environmental policy. The process for selecting an applicant will be fairly subjective. We desire to work with people who are passionate and really making a difference in society.